Enlightened Actors / Rooted Voices!

January 27, 2010

  Welcome to Enlightened Acting and Rooted Voice!

 As an actor you must be willing to go internal, because as an actor you are required to be external.  Sandy Meisner, Kristin Linklater and Ms. Uta Hagen grounded their techniques in the belief that a natural or honest stage life is channeled through a technique which explores and opens an actor to their emotional core.

  I am a Meisner and Linklater trained actress, and a lucky student of the late Uta Hagen. Along the way I have studied other techniques, but the influence of these three is notable in my coaching and of course, in my own acting.  I have been a coach for over 20 years. I have run my own studios, taught for private studios, for colleges and universities and in professional theatre as an acting, voice and dialect coach. I worked as Casting Director for film for many years.

I coach for  film, TV and Stage. I coach all ages. Some of my very first private students are managing amazing careers, Jessy Schram; some of my old classmates are household names, Kristin Davis; some of my past cast mates have their own series, Katie Walsh! All of these actors trained hard, worked to create their art and build their technique. They never went to an audition unprepared. They know technique, they know themselves.

 Enlightened Acting is a technique  inspired through many years of coaching and acting.  Along with incredibly talented, self-aware and driven actors I have of course taught actors who lacked technique and self-awareness, and did not believe that going internal would alter their art. Enlightened Acting was developed to support all actors in learning how to open themselves. Enlightened acting has developed partly through my acting study and partly through my study of the chakra system, intuition, psychology, and healing energy work, like Reiki.

Acting is an art which requires we use our bodies, minds and spirits, our voices, and our emotional lives. The actors whom we most admire are the actors with presence, connected voices and bodies, and clear emotional intent. The kind of actors who take the stage, and eclipse all other stage elements, fellow actors, lighting, sound. It all just melds into their presence and supports their every breath and movement.

Call or email for private coaching or master classes in Enlightened Acting! See my website for more details! www.andreastark.net

Just today I completed a series of coaching sessions for one of my private students who is applying to BFA programs in NYC.  In the course of our sessions we transformed her monologues by bringing in elements of Enlightened Acting and rooting her voice! More on this in the next post, and a little bit about Meryl Streep’s lastest acceptance speech honoring the actor’s role as “a vessel!”

With all your performances and auditions, Break-a-leg!

Andrea Marie Stark holds and MFA in Acting and is an acting coach and voice coach and dialect coach. A  Theatre Professor and Private Acting Coach / Private Voice Coach for over 20 years she has a long list of acting students working in Film, TV, and on stage. Her master teachers include Uta Hagen, and Claudia Anderson, A Designated Linklater Specialist. She studied Meisner with Vicki Hart and Gene Terruso.  She combines acting and voice work with energy work, intuition and mind-body-holism to help actors become organic and honest in their work. In Chicago she worked as a Stage Actress / TV and Commercial actress while running her own Private Acting Studio which featured On-Camera Classes, and three Performance Ensembles — shows were put up at the American Blues Theatre and Footsteps Theatre. She was also a columnist for PerformINK, Chicago’s Theatre Trade Paper. She is a Jeff recipient, having won a Joseph Jefferson Award for her work as Dawn in Anne MacGravie’s play WRENS, done with the Rivendell Theatre Ensemble. She consults for theatre outreach and training programs  including The Raven Theatre in Chicago, and the Aurora Fox Theatre Outreach Program in Colorado.